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Monday, December 4, 2017

Teen Dying of Cancer after Cheerleading Injury, Makes 1 Final Christmas Wish

Savannah Lewis, 16, was trying out for cheerleading when she suffered from a leg injury. For an aspiring cheerleader, an injury can be devastating.

The devastating news for Lewis, however, came after the initial injury. Not only did Lewis have an injury, but she had an undetected tumor which ultimately led to a diagnosis of Ewing’s Sarcoma.

This cancer diagnosis was not easily discovered, however. The teen had symptoms such as decreased appetite and leg pain.

The leg pain was especially terrible at night.

Anorexia and a strained muscle were considered before cancer.

Once she began treatment for cancer, she was 15 years old and got down to a weight in the 40 pound range within three months.

Something needed to change.

Lewis’ parents decided to transfer her to a more specialized hospital for her form of cancer. She has endured many chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but it has come time for Lewis to start hospice care.

There was an update on the SavannahStrong Facebook page regarding the change in focus as Lewis’ time on earth is coming to a close. On Nov. 27, the update read: “Savannah is being admitted to the hospital for pain management, goal is to be released home Wednesday morning and then hospice takes over…”

Christmas is one of Lewis’ favorite holidays. So her final wish before she passes was to have her home decorated for the Christmas season.

Julie Moser, co-founder of the charity Pink Warrior Angels, has gotten to know Lewis over the last year. She wanted to be an angel-like support person for Lewis after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Part of that support looked like making sure the teen’s last wish was granted. When Lewis left the hospital, she was driven the long way home so that she could see the array of “Savannah Strong” signs in town.

A welcome home celebration open to the public awaited her.

Her wish came to life not only through decoration, but also through a Christmas lights spectacular.

Moser shared on her Facebook page that a toy drive will also be held in honor of Lewis. The toys collected will be donated to local hospitals.

The family has asked people to pray for “strength, understanding, words of wisdom and peace of mind during all this,” according to the SavannahStrong Facebook page. Lewis’ wish inspired an overflow of generosity this Christmas season, and we join her family in prayer during this difficult time.


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