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Saturday, September 16, 2017

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10+ Times Pets Brought Their Owners The Most Unexpected Gifts Of each animal.

Dogs and cats may not be able to verbally express their gratitude to us, but they do have one thing going for them - they are amazing gift-givers. Who doesn't love waking up to a freshly-killed mouse in their bed?

For both canines and felines, 
the 'tradition' of gathering the fruits of one's hunting expedition and presenting them to their superior runs deep in their blood. Whether they've caught a toy, a random object, or a small animal, the hunt will fill them with great pride, and by bringing their catch to you and thus sharing that pride, they communicate a sense of kinship with you. So, while you may be horrified by that dead frog your kitty just dropped on your pillow, know that it wouldn't be there if your furbaby didn't love you with all their heart.

Scroll down to see the weirdest, funniest, and sometimes scariest gifts people's pets have brought them, and vote for the ones that you would be grateful to receive.
Do not overdo your favorite animal

  #1 Brought A Little Gift                  

#2 When I Lifted Her Head, I Almost Died From Laughing. Dentures! An Elderly Couple Owned This House Before Me And I Think Maybe It Was Theirs

#3 This Is Mr. Slash - A Flower Hunting Adventure Master. He Brings Me Flowers Every Night. He's Not Hurting The Garden, By The Way

#4 My Dog Brought Me Some Dirt Today MEEE

#5 She's A Retriever, Not A Genius

#6 While I Was Drinking Coffee This Morning, My Dog Brought Me This. I Have No Idea Where It Came From

#7 My Dog Is Too Good For This World, He Brought Me A Flower

#8 Cat Returns With Sausage Stolen From Unknown Neighbor's Bbq

#9 Last Day At Work. I Think The Office Dog Wants Me To Stay, He Brought Me All Of His Toys

#10 This Is Zoey's Pillow. If She Likes You, She'll Bring You The Pillow. You Can't Touch It, But You Can Look

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