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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Wreckage of missing Argentinian submarine found

The Argentinian Navy announced that searchers discovered the missing Argentinian submarine, the ARA San Juan, on Friday, a year after it disappeared in the Atlantic with 44 crewmen on board. 

The submarine was found lying on the seabed 800 meters (2,625 feet) from the surface off the Valdes Peninsula, a part of Argentine Patagonia. 

In September, Argentina appointed Ocean Infinity, a US company, to search for the vessel that had disappeared last year on Nov. 15.

 Ocean Infinity's search vessel, the Seabed Constructor, located the missing submarine. "Now another chapter opens," navy spokesman Rodolfo Ramallo said as his nation explores the possibility of getting a better grip on what happened to the ill-fated sub. 

Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said after the ARA San Juan's disappearance last year that water had come through the vessel's snorkel, a device that could be used to get air from the surface when the submarine was submerged. 

He said that saltwater had dripped onto a battery tray, making the battery short circuit and smolder. 

The San Juan had reported the problem and had been ordered to return to port. 

Hours later sensors detected an explosion about the same time and location where the submarine was last heard from. Naval officials said the explosion could have been the result of a "concentration of hydrogen" triggered by the battery issue reported by the San Juan's captain. 

High winds and bad weather hindered an intense international search and rescue mission at the time. 

Officials will next determine if it will be possible to raise the San Juan.


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