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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Satirical Drawings of Today's Problems that Will Prick You Right in the Heart

Illustrating is a way of speaking one's mind and heart. Whether it is happy or sad or tired or elated, colours speak volumes. Here we bring some hard-hitting illustrations by the artist Pawel Kuczynski who graduated from Fine Arts Academy in Poznan  He has been rewarded with more than 130 prizes and distinctions for his work which has a deep opinion on the social, economic, and political issues.
The satire in his work is pretty much vocal and immensely thought-provoking. The contemporary problems and drawbacks with the style of life have been illustrated with an utter deep line of thought, which are sure to ring an alarm for the status quo! Moreso, the society and its inhabitants are drowning in the rut of social media and of following the rat race.

When kids these days play only on the smart devices...

Too deep to portray the everyday scene...

When 'Facebook Likes' have to be dragged...

Too busy to feed herself. 'food for thought'....

Too many routers but none matches the right frequency...

The search for the pearl is being conducted at the wrong place.

Love can be scathing.

Tearing the smooth fabric of healthy breeding with the urge to satisfy the demand, 

Restricted by the 'dumb smartphones'.

When her heart has been the perfect catch for her. 

Rowing and trying hard to move forward, 

It has all dried up, 

Love only in break time. 

Terror breathes fear and also dictates the same. 


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