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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Top 10 Funny Baby Videos That Went Viral !

Everyone loves babies. It is something that is built deep down in our DNA. When you see a sweet, little, chubby baby, your heart just may leap a little. Often, you cannot help but say, “Awwwww!”

Babies remind us of the kids and babies that we love in our own lives, and also of ourselves at that age. Babies are cute enough when they are just sleeping peacefully or lying around. However, they’re just impossible to resist when they are engaged in hilarious and super-cute antics like the ones in the funny baby videos below!

There is nothing that will make you smile quite like babies being their sweet, silly, innocent, and utterly uninhibited selves. These funny videos of babies will melt your heart and make you burst out in laughter every single time that you watch them.

Check out LittleThings’ top 10 funny baby videos and feel your heart melt as your stress just slips away.

10. Baby Laughs Hysterically At Dad's Hiccups

Laughter is the best medicine, and the adorable laughter of a little baby is the best medicine of all! This little baby boy cannot stop giggling when his dad has the hiccups, and it will have you giggling along, too!

9. Baby Twins Battle Over Pacifier

Sibling rivalry starts early. In this case, very early! This pair of baby girl twins get into a bit of a tussle over who gets to suck on the pacifier, and the results are something all of us with siblings can relate to!

8. Funny Baby Girl Rocks Out When Dad Plays Guitar

You are going to love this adorable moment between a little baby girl and her punk-rocker dad as he serenades her and she bops along to the music. It is one of the sweetest jam sessions that I have ever seen.

7. Baby Snatches Off Socks When Dad's Not Looking

Anyone who has ever tried to get a baby ready for a foray into a wintery day knows that the struggle is real. This adorable little baby sneaks his sock off his foot every time his dad turns his back, with hilarious results!

6. Baby Uses Puppy For Pillow

A sleepy baby and a devoted family dog: This funny baby video is completely adorable, and totally sweet. You will not want to miss it!

5. Boxer Tickles Baby To Stop Him From Crying

Dogs really are an essential part of our families. Nowhere is this illustrated more perfectly than with this funny baby video of an adorable boxer dog named Jeeves who rushes to the side of a baby and cheers him up. This one will warm your heart.

4. Baby Boy Isn't Happy When Dad Doesn't Come Inside

Children are always totally honest. That is what I love most about this baby boy’s reaction as he goes from delighted expectation when it looks like his Dad is coming inside to an adorable little baby scowl. This is a priceless moment caught on video.

3. Baby Cries When Mom Leaves, Until Dad Holds Up Her Shirt

Sometimes a baby just needs Mom, or in this case, Mom’s scent. This poor little baby is so upset because his mom had to run out to get some errands done, until the clever dad holds up Mom’s shirt. The reaction is instant, and adorably sweet.

2. Baby Girl Laughs At Dad's Explanation Of Snow

The sweet toddler cannot believe what her daddy is saying! He tries to explain to her what snow is, and she just keeps telling him how silly he is and laughing. Her laughter is completely infectious, and you will find yourself chuckling along to this sweet laughing baby video.

1. Baby Scares Herself When She Farts In The Sink

And the #1 funniest baby video is this adorable little girl who startles herself when she lets out a hilarious fart in the bath!

Video Credit: YouTube


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