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Monday, December 25, 2017

Meghan Markle Greeted by Princess Michael of Kent Wearing Racist Brooch

The royal family has been applauded as of late for relaxing some of their traditions in the wake of Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s engagement.

Members of the royal family have not been allowed to marry divorcees, but after Prince Charles and Diana’s divorce, the “rule” has since eased. However, Prince Harry will be the first to marry a divorcee in the Church of England.

Markle also doesn’t follow many of the family’s “unspoken policies” with regards to fashion either. Traditionally, ladies always wear pantyhose in public, but not Meghan Markle.

Recently, another standing tradition was altered for the newly engaged couple. Markle would be allowed to spend Christmas day with the family, including attending church.

In the past, this was reserved for family only. Despite being engaged at the time, Kate Middleton was not invited to attend the Royal Family’s Christmas festivities back in 2010.

Even with these progressive changes, Meghan Markle was greeted with controversy at the Queen’s Annual Christmas Lunch on December 20th.

Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousin’s wife is known widely as “Princess Pushy.” Princess Michael of Kent is no stranger to controversy and raising eyebrows to the public.

The lunch was the first time the pair would formally meet. Apparently not concerned with making a good first impression, Princess Michael wore a brooch that many are saying she purposefully adorned to make Markle uncomfortable.

The brooch was a piece of Blackamoor jewelry. It “romanticizes” slavery and depicts the bust of an African-American woman in gold and crystals.

Markle’s mother is African-American and the young woman has spoken many times about her struggles with self-identification that come with being bi-racial.

As soon as the public saw what “Princess Pushy” was wearing, they immediately started crying foul. Many are asking for the Queen to take a stand and ban racism within the royal family.

Even former royal chef Darren McGrady chimed in about the “appalling show of disrespect and jealousy” the Princess displayed. His tweet drawing responses calling the move “classless” and “shocking.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Princess Michael has been publicly accused of racism. In 2004, she allegedly told a group of African-American’s dining at a New York restaurant to “go back to the colonies.”


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