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Monday, October 30, 2017

Taiwanese Kindergartner Who Won Last Year’s Halloween With No-Face Costume Surprises Everyone Again

Meet Momo Lu, a kindergartner from Taiwan whose Halloween outfits are so great, they influence other youngsters to cry. This year, Momo collaborated with her younger sibling Miemie and together the kin paid the best tribute to Death Note ever.

The cute team spruced up as Ryuk and L, and they were truly arranged. Right off the bat, Momo and Miemie had a heap of snacks the Shinigami and the investigator appreciate most – apples and confection. Additionally, the kin even nailed the idiosyncrasies of the characters, most prominently, L's famous squat!

Momo is no more abnormal to Halloween. A year ago, she encapsulated No-Face from the film Spirited Away. Her mother, Elmo Chen said that she spends ages sitting tight for the spooky festival, and her No-Face outfit was insane powerful. "At the point when Momo strolled into the classroom, nobody perceived her," she told BuzzFeed. "Her companions really began crying. After school, the best part was the point at which we went to the shop and left with a crate loaded with treat and strolled around the shops. Her face paint began falling off, however what a glad day. Momo even said she is anticipating next Halloween." The hold up was unmistakably justified, despite all the trouble. We should seek Momo keeps increasing present expectations after imaginative Halloween outfits later on too.

More information: Facebook (h/t soranews24)

Most of the time Momo Lu looks like the sweetest kid, but her looks change dramatically when Halloween is around the corner

Last year the kindergartener dressed up as No-Face from Spirited away

Momo’s costume was so good, it even made her classmates cry

This year, the girl dressed up as Ryuk from the iconic series Death Note

But she wasn’t alone – her little sister Miemie joined the fun and appeared as the genius detective L

They had their characters’ favorite snacks

And stood out as the spookiest duo

The siblings even nailed the mannerisms of the characters



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