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Monday, October 2, 2017

How to Go to Bed After Watching a Horror Movie (2) !!

Distracting Yourself

1 Watch something funny.

Follow up a scary movie with comedy. Or, watch an episode of a funny show that you like. Focusing on something other than the horror flick can help dissipate your fear. Laughter will also help to change your mood and make you feel better.[6]

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Napoleon Dynamite, Zoolander, Even Stevens, and Spongebob Squarepants are examples of funny programs you may like.[7]
Watch funny animal videos. Seeing cute animals do funny things will likely distract you from your fears.

2 Do some online browsing. 

Get out your phone or computer and scroll through your social media feeds. You can also look up funny videos online, or browse through your favorite store’s website. Thinking about something other than the movie will calm you down and push the fear from your mind.
Perform an exorcism.
Check out “Grumpy Cat” videos on YouTube for a good laugh.
Catch up with your friends by looking at their online profiles or photos, or chatting online.

3 Read a book. 

Choose a book that won’t frighten you -- now is not the time to start a Steven King novel. Pick something upbeat, funny, or relaxing. You could also read a magazine or a comic book.

Examples of funny books include Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, Half Magic, Swindle, or How to Eat Fried Worms.

4 Listen to music. 

Choose your favorite album or artist and turn the volume up. Sing along, dance, or tidy up your room while listening to the music. Music is a great way to change your mood and will help you think of other things, as you probably have associations with certain songs or artists.
For example, listening to your Justin Bieber playlist may make you think of the Justin Bieber concert you attended with your best friend. Focus on remembering how much fun you had, and you’ll forget about the horror movie.

5 Try a calming activity. 

Meditate, do yoga, count sheep, take a bubble bath, try progressive muscle relaxation or simply breathe deeply. These activities will slow your heart rate and help you calm down. Focus entirely on the calming activity to help you forget about the horror movie.

6 Choose an activity that requires focus. 

Spend time working on a crossword puzzle or doing sudoku. Work on a school project, organize your DVDs, or play a game on your phone. Focusing your energy on something other than your fear will help you feel better.


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