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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The young girl Hears Cries Inside Storm Drain. Takes Closer Look He realizes he has To Move Fast

Some people just have a soft spot for animals!

They would give the shirts off their backs to keep them warm and would jump into the line of danger to protect them.

While not all people are like that, this brave woman definitely falls into this category. She heard a soft meowing coming from deep inside a storm drain and knew she had to do something fast  In order to save it and realize what it is

Without hesitating, the woman jumped into the drain and wiggled herself into the tight space! She had no flashlight or way to find the cat but she knew that its tiny life was on the line. After a few minutes of searching.

the woman snatched the kitten and handed it off to her friend who was waiting on the street nervously! This was a dangerous mission and there was only space for one brave soul.

Thankfully, the handoff was a success and the woman was able to climb back out to freedom! Her kind actions saved the kitten's life and now she'll get to live out the rest of her days in the woman's home.

It's not always necessary to risk your life to save an animal, you can stop by your local animal shelter and bring home a lovely little kitten, cat, puppy or dog!

In fact, many animal shelters waive the adoption fees if you're willing to take home a senior furry friend who just wants to live out its day in peace!

Take a peek at this incredible rescue by pressing "play" on the video below. She's such an inspiration!


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