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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Model Warns Others On ' Facebook ' After Eye Tattoo Goes Seriously

Catt Gallinger, a model from Ottawa, Ontario, recently took to Facebook with a warning about a new trend called sclera tattooing. If you're not the best when it comes to anatomy, the sclera is the white part of the human eye, and people have recently started getting them tattooed

If done incorrectly, the process can lead to permanent blindness and eye loss. And that's an outcome Gallinger may be facing after she claimed that her tattoo artist used undiluted ink and over injected ink.

"As it stands I will have to see a specialist and am at risk of being blind if it doesn't get corrected."
"This was caused by undiluted ink, over injection, not enough/smaller injections sights. There are multiple people who can attest that my aftercare was good and any other part of what I am saying."
"I am NOT sharing this with you to cause trouble, I am sharing this to warn you to research who you get your procedures by as well as how the procedure should be properly done."

"I have been to the hospital three times, I had no furry pets to cause any dander, and I wash my hands every time I do anything with my eye, both before and afterwards."
"I was on antibiotic drops for the first week and a half and have been on steroid drops for four days now, with little success at bringing down the internal swelling. The external swelling lasted for almost a week."
"The photos show the day of (purple drop), the day after(swollen shut) and now three weeks later. I will add more throughout the process."
"Just please be cautious who you get your mods from and do your research. I don't want this to happen to anyone else."

Well, that's terrifying. In an update, Gallinger clarified that her cornea has not been crushed, but doctors believe her eyesight will not get any better, or go completely.


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